Latest News/Updates

  • March/2021 – Ordering is now open again, you can order the 4-wire units!
  • March/2021 – Control is now available on ALL new 4-wire units
  • April/2021 – New custom board editions shipping, more reliable!
  • June/2021 – 6-wire units are now in testing and will be available soon. Contact us via contact page if you want to know when they’re available
  • July/2021 – Many 4-wire units are being shipped, shipping varies but you receive tracking numbers from our couriers on dispatch. We’ve also upgraded our control panels and interfaces to be more user-friendly, allowing you to see what your unit is doing at any time.
  • August/2021 – 6-wire units are preparing to go on-sale. Testing unit has been successful for the past 3-4 weeks and an improvement is on any 6-wire unit it is 2-way view, so changing settings are reflected on the top panel as well as the hottubmanager interface. Newsletter will update soon.
  • September/2021 – Units are fully tested, supply issues have delayed the delivery and ability to start selling these units unfortunately.
  • September/2021 – We can no longer accept PayPal payments, all payments will be processed by securely by Stripe our credit card processing partner.
  • March/2022 – PayPal payments are now accepted once again as we have resolved the payment issues. We would recommend using Stripe/Credit-card payments however to avoid issues or delays to your order.
  • April/2022 – Our new 6-wire unit is NOW AVAILABLE to purchase, please check compatibility before ordering
  • April/2022 – We are trialling Royal Mail for sending out all packages instead of Evri now, this is automatically done at checkout
  • April/2022 – We are aware of some 6-wire units (Hydrojet Pro Pump 2021) that have some display issues when using the controller. Functions still continue to work (buttons and remote control) but may show display flickers in use, we are investigating a solution but at present have no solution.
  • 27/April/2022 – New 6-wire units have arrived and are being assembled, shipping will begin shortly, please subscribe to the mailing list below to find out when they become available.
  • 07/May/2022 – New heater scheduler functions are being tested and will be available to users shortly. This will allow you to set which hours you want the heaters to operate to save on electricity costs
  • May/2022 – 6-wire units are back in stock for ordering
  • May/2022 – Terms and conditions of ordering have changed, conditions are shown on the ordering page, should you require full terms and conditions of sale and use please contact us.
  • 12/May/2022 – Unfortunately I am out of stock again! I’m building new units and will get them released as soon as available.

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