Below is a list of hot tub units that are either known/tested to work, compatible (untested) or do NOT work (tested)

NOTE – Some model names have been upgraded/released again (e.g. Helsinki in the old egg design and new square design)

So please check the Model Code on your unit. It’s normally shows on the silver sticker on the pump unit itself.

Model NameModel CodeWiresStateImage
Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hydrojet (Square)541444-wireDOES NOT WORK – Tested
Lay-Z-Spa Monaco541134-wireWORKS – Tested
Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki (Egg type)541756-wireWORKS – Tested
Lay-Z-Spa Paris (Egg type)4-wireWORKS – Tested
Lay-Z-Spa Paris Airjet (Square type)6-wireuntested
Lay-Z-Spa Miami (Egg type)4-wireWORKS – Tested
Lay-Z-Spa Vegas (Egg type)6-wireWORKS – Tested
Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Airjet (Square type)6-wireuntested
Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hydrojet6-wireuntested
Lay-Z-Spa St Moritz Airjet (Square type)
Lay-Z-Spa St Helsinki (Square type)
S1001026-wireDOEST NOT WORK – Tested