Do you want to add wifi to a Lay-Z-Spa pump? Upgrade your current pump to have wifi remote control without replacing it?

Introducing hottubmanager, our hot tub add-on controller allows you to see the temperature, pump state and error codes from your Bestway/Coleman/Lay-Z-Spa (and other similar units) hottub remotely, either at home or away via your wifi. Get notified immediately by email when your unit goes into error (E02, E03, etc, all error codes displayed), no more forgetting to check the unit and finding it’s been off due to an error! You can also take control, switch heaters on/off, bubbles, water filtration, etc. This also means you can set a schedule to turn the heaters on and off, saving energy or using energy when your tariff is lower or when your solar panels are generating enough electricity to power your hot tub. This brings along huge energy savings for only heating the tub when you need it or when you have excess capacity/electricity available.

Our hottubmanager has been developed from scratch by ‘monitoring’ the communications taking place between the control boards and software written to read and control it.

** April 2022 – We now have our 6-wire unit that will work with most 6-wire hot tub units – Watch our promotional video below **

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hottubmanager version 1

WIFI enable your hot tub

Our unit will plug into your Bestway Lay-Z-Spa hot tub and connect to your home wifi network.

View temperature anywhere

After connecting, our unit will monitor the hot tub and provide all the states from the panel.

Temperature, heaters on/off, water pump/filter on/off, error codes, etc.

You can view states either locally on your network, or remotely via our control panel.

Control remotely

New for 2021, our unit also allows control of your hot tub. Set temperature, heaters on or off, filter pump on or off and air pump/bubbles on or off. Allows you to take control of the unit remotely.

Please always check your unit BEFORE ordering, make sure it is either 4-wire or 6-wire and check our compatibility page.

Demo control panel, showing current temperature, pump states and wifi signal.